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Create an exception🔗

You can set exceptions for Java or OpenSSL analyses.


Changes in project exceptions only affect new or updated analyses. Existing analyses will reflect any exceptions set when the analysis was created.

To create a new exception for a project:

  1. Select Projects from the menu bar.
  2. Select the desired project to open the project Overview.
  3. Select the Exceptions tab.
  4. Select Add Exception.

Exceptions considerations🔗

When you create an exception, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Trace type: can be Java Usage or OpenSSL libcrypto Usage.
  • Term type: can be Does not contain or Contains:
    • Does not contain exceptions will only keep instances that have calls that don’t match the exception term.
    • Contains exceptions will only keep instances that have calls that match the exception term.
  • Exception term: The exception term should be one of the following:
    • a fully qualified method name (
    • a fully qualified class name (
    • a prefix of a package name ( or package).


Package, class, and method names are case-sensitive and must match exactly.

  • Description: optional explanation or details for the exception.