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Welcome to the user guide for AQtive Guard, your platform for monitoring and safeguarding your organization’s cryptographic inventory.

To set up and use AQtive Guard, navigate through the topics using the left-hand menu. For longer topics, you’ll find a contents menu on the right side of the page.

  • Getting Started walks you through a scenario for running an analysis, monitoring cryptographic issues and inventory, and validating issue remediation.
  • Fundamentals introduces you to key AQtive Guard concepts.
  • Web Interface is the guide for using the AQtive Guard web interface.
  • API is the guide for using the AQtive Guard API.
  • On-premise Installation provides guidance for System Administrators installing AQtive Guard in your company’s IT environment.
  • Sensors documents the sensors you will use to analyze your organization’s cryptographic assets.
  • Integrations & Plugins is the guide for setting up and configuring integrations to enhance and scale AQtive Guard and enable automation.
  • Changelog keeps you updated with the latest enhancements, updates, bug fixes, and new features of AQtive Guard.


Use the Search box at the top of this guide to quickly find specific topics. Visit our support portal if you have questions or need help.