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AQtive Guard web interface🔗

Welcome to AQtive Guard, your platform for monitoring and safeguarding your organization’s cryptographic inventory. In this section, you will learn how to navigate and use the AQtive Guard web interface.

Together, the AQtive Guard dashboard and reports give you visibility into cryptography issues and inventory such as keys and certificates so you can understand and manage your cybersecurity ecosystem.

Use the AQtive Guard menu bar to monitor your cryptographic infrastructure at the organizational level:

  • The Dashboard aggregates key security information at the organization level, giving you an up-to-date visualization of the cryptographic inventory and overall health of your organization. From here you can use filters and drill down into areas of particular interest, such as your current state for FIPS compliance.
  • Projects provides an at-a-glance view of the health of your organization at the project level. Here you can dig deeper to triage project issues or quickly jump into remediation.
  • Keys and Certificates offer a centralized inventory of key and certificate wrappers discovered across all projects.


For efficient issue management, AQtive Guard projects integrate with widely used DevOps tools such as JIRA, ServiceNow, and IDE.