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Jira integration🔗

Integrating Jira enables you to submit tickets to Jira individually or in bulk. This integration is performed in the AQtive Guard web interface.

You can configure Jira integration in two ways:

Configure one or both from the Integrations tab in the Web Interface. Review the linked documentation for prerequisites and instructions.


Jira form integration requires the Jira Issue Collector, which is only available in a Jira company-managed project. Consult your Jira Administrator for more information.

Jira integration options🔗

Jira issue export and Jira form integration both export Jira issues for AQtive Guard instances. Choose one or both integrations depending on how your team prefers to work.

If you want to: Jira Issue
Jira Form
Automatically export a single Jira Issue for a selected instance If both integrations are active, single instance exports will use the form integration
Populate an editable form to export a single Jira Issue for a selected instance
Bulk export up to 50 Jira Issues from a report Enables bulk plus automatic single-issue export

Organization vs project-level integration🔗

When you initially configure a Jira integration, you:

  • Create a connection between AQtive Guard and your Jira organization.
  • Configure integration at an organizational level, including a default Jira project and Jira issue type.

This organization-level integration establishes the default configuration for all AQtive Guard projects.

You can configure project-level integration to set the Jira project and Issue type for a specific AQtive Guard project.


Refer to the project export configuration instructions for Jira issue export or Jira form export.