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AQtive Guard analyzes cryptography across your organization, assessing compliance with rules and policies and offering best practices for issue resolution.

This analysis provides insights and data on your cryptographic:

  • inventory
  • issues

You can monitor this information through AQtive Guard:

  • dashboard
  • project overviews
  • reports

To facilitate remediation, you can:

  • export data
  • leverage integrations


The first step in performing an analysis is finding the cryptographic data in your organization. This starts with a sensor, one of our data collection tools.

Sensors generate a trace which is a data file containing a snapshot of analysis findings. When a trace is uploaded, AQtive Guard analyzes the data and aggregates the findings as cryptographic issues and inventory. This is done in both the Web Interface dashboard and reports.

To complement our sensors, the AQtive Guard Network Analyzer identifies the encryption methods used to protect data during transmission over networks.

Refer to Web interface and API for more details.