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Select Keys from the AQtive Guard menu bar for an inventory of all key wrappers discovered in all projects across the organization.


Keys is only available in the menu bar for users with the required system access.

The keys table includes:

  • ID
  • Type:

    • Key Type: RSA, DSA, EC, DH, Password based, Symmetric
    • Key length
    • Category: Symmetric, Public, Private
  • Key information: description
  • Matched keys: number of occurrences of that key in the organization

Select a key ID to drill deeper into the Key Details, including the key value and details for the instances linked to the projects and reports where it was discovered.

Key Details also displays a summary of the certificate associated with the key. Select the certificate ID to view the wrapper for the certificate and all its occurrences in the organization.


An irregular file type in an analysis could indicate a key or certificate is hiding in a mislabeled file.