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Java Tracer installation🔗

The SandboxAQ Java Tracer is a tool that logs cryptographic calls made by a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and its associated Java application. The logged information is formatted for analysis by AQtive Guard.


  • Java 8 or higher


The Java Tracer is distributed as a .zip or .tar archive and can be downloaded from the AQtive Guard web interface:

  1. Select Sensors from the menu bar.
  2. Locate the Java Tracer and select Download.

If you’re using the on-premise AQtive Guard, the Java Tracer is typically distributed with the on-premise package.

Visit our support portal if you have questions or need help.


When you extract the package, it’ll create a directory named cs-java-tracer-<VERSION> that contains a JAR file cs-java-tracer.jar. For instance:

└── cs-java-tracer.jar


You can move the cs-java-tracer.jar file to anywhere on your system. It doesn’t have to remain in the cs-java-tracer-<VERSION> directory.


Renaming the tracer JAR file can cause the trace to fail. If you must rename the JAR file, refer to Renaming the Tracer Jar File in the Java Tracer reference for instructions.