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PKCS#11 Tracer installation🔗

The SandboxAQ PKCS#11 Tracer is a dynamic library that logs cryptographic calls made by an application to a Hardware Security Model (HSM). The logged information is formatted for analysis by AQtive Guard.


  • Linux 64-bit


If you’ve purchased the appropriate license, a download link to the tracer should have been sent to you.

Visit our support portal if you have questions or need help.


The PKCS#11 tracer is distributed as a zip package named cs-pkcs11-tracer-<VERSION>.zip. When you extract this package, it creates a directory named cs-pkcs11-tracer-<VERSION> that contains the following files:



You can move these files anywhere on your system. They don’t have to remain in the cs-pkcs11-tracer-<VERSION> directory.