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Slot fundamentals🔗

A slot is a container for the latest version of a project report along with an archive of its past versions. The most recent report is saved as the active report in a specific slot.

Any time you wish to analyze a trace for which there is no previous version in AQtive Guard, you need to create a new slot to upload the trace into and run the report. Once a slot has been created, you can not change its type. To run an analysis using a trace of a different type, you must create a new slot that matches that trace.

The Dashboard and Project overview pull data only from the active report in each slot. The archived reports in the same slot are provided for historic reference.

A slot will usually map to an asset in a client technology ecosystem. As the asset develops and new traces become available, they should be added to the same slot. Every time a new trace is uploaded a report will be generated. This new report becomes the active version and the previous version is archived.


The slot type must match the type of analysis that will be used for the uploaded trace. If the types do not match, the analysis will fail.