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Integrations introduction🔗

Learn how to use integrations to maximize the capabilities of AQtive Guard.


Under Integrations & Plugins in the left-hand navigation menu, you’ll find a list of the AQtive Guard integrations:

  • Venafi - interact with the Venafi certificate management platform.
  • OpenID Connect - use an SSO service by interacting with an identity provider using the OpenID Connect protocol.
  • Jira - enables you to submit tickets to Jira individually or in bulk.
  • Gradle plugin - automates testing using the Java Tracer, uploads traces to AQtive Guard, and generates a report.
  • Maven plugin - enables automatic testing using the Java Tracer and optionally uploads traces to AQtive Guard.


Documentation varies depending on the nature of each integration. Use the search box at the top of this guide to find specific topics and instructions.