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SandboxAQ AQtive Guard is an end-to-end cryptographic management platform that provides a full inventory of existing cryptography use, including vulnerability and compliance analysis, and a path to centrally managed, robust, and agile cryptography.

The Fundamentals section of this guide will introduce you to the high-level concepts and terms you’ll encounter when using AQtive Guard to monitor and safeguard your cryptographic inventory.

Here’s an introduction to the topics you’ll find under Fundamentals in the left-hand navigation menu.

  • AQtive Guard fundamentals - Learn important high-level AQtive Guard concepts, terminology, and information hierarchy.
  • Issue & instance fundamentals - Understand how issues and instances in AQtive Guard are essential to managing your organization’s cryptographic health.
  • Report fundamentals - Walk through the steps to find a report and view its issues, instances, and inventory so that you can investigate the cryptographic findings.
  • Slot fundamentals - Discover how to properly use a slot to contain the current and previous versions of a report.
  • Filter fundamentals - Explore how to use filters to customize your view of a table and find the information you need.