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Venafi integration reference🔗


Check certificates in a report🔗

  1. In any report, navigate to the Certificates tab.
  2. Select Populate Venafi GUIDs. This inserts Venafi GUID values for certificates already recognized by Venafi.


Certificates with empty Venafi GUID fields are unknown to your Venafi instance.

View certificate details in Venafi🔗

The Venafi GUID field links to the associated certificate in your Venafi instance.

Upload a certificate to Venafi🔗

If a certificate is not yet recognized by Venafi, follow these steps:

  1. Select the ID link for a certificate to view its details in AQtive Guard.
  2. Scroll down to the Venafi Details box (or minimize the parsed certificate JSON widget).
  3. Select Upload to Venafi.

Known issues🔗

Some CA certificates recognized by Venafi may not be found by using Populate Venafi GUIDs.


Attempting to upload them may result in an HTTP 400 Bad request error as Venafi considers it as a duplicate certificate.