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Getting started with the AQtive Guard API🔗

Before you begin using the AQtive Guard API or completing the API tutorials, you’ll need the following:

  • Your AQtive Guard API key. For instructions, see Retrieve the API key, below.
  • A trace to upload. For instructions on generating a trace, please see the sensor documentation in the Sensors section of this guide.
  • A command-line client to interact with the API. The tutorials use the open-source curl HTTP client, which is available for most platforms.

Retrieve the API key🔗

To retrieve the AQtive Guard API key:

  1. Log into AQtive Guard as an Admin.
  2. Select your Account at the top right of the page, then select API from the dropdown.
  3. Select Reset Key. Store the New API Key securely before leaving the page.


For security, the API key is only given once. If you forget it, you must repeat this reset procedure to retrieve a new key.